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I send out an occasional email update of the schedule -- if you want me to include you, please write to me and let me know, or add your name via the news subscription page. Most recent messages at the top... This is an archive of such messages prior to the beginning of 2008. More recent messages can be read here.
12-30-07 The schedule for my winter trip is looking pretty good. Its currently as follows:
  • January 15-16 -- Workshops in Littleton, MA. Evening sessions.
  • January 18-21 -- Arisia science fiction convention in Boston.
  • January 25-27 -- Chattacon science fiction convention in Chattanooga, TN.
  • January 28 -- Workshops in Chattanooga.
  • January 30-31 -- Possible workshops in Houston, TX -- on hold.
  • February 2-3 -- Possible workshops in Corpus Christi -- waiting for word.
  • February 6-7 -- Workshops in Tucson, AZ.
  • February 8 -- Orchid mailing list get-together in Tucson.
  • February 12-13 -- Workshops in Oceanside, CA.
  • February 16-18 -- Workshops in Van Nuys, CA.
  • February 23-24 -- Workshops in Castro Valley.
  • February 25 -- Workshops in Folsom (near Sacramento).
  • March 7-9 -- Workshops in San Antonio, TX.
My host for the Houston workshop has some scheduling issues, so if there is someone else who would like to step forward and host that set of workshops, please get in touch. There are already a half a dozen students for it, just no host... remember that a host with that many students pays no tuition.

Failing that, if things work out for the Corpus Christi stop, folks who wanted to see me in Houston might be able to make it down there -- not sure how long a drive that is, will have to check my map.

I'm scrambling to get my student lists organized and ensure that I have materials and tools for everyone. There are some additional projects that I've added to the possibilities for advanced work

If you do not hear from me separately about specific workshops that you are signed up for, within the next couple of days, please email me to remind me to put you on the list -- I feel like I'm getting worse at this, not better...

The lists (first names only), as far as I have them caught up, will be on the sign-up page, and will be updated as fast as I can get to it, when changes come in:


I'll try to keep the schedule page updated:


Some information about the workshops themselves is here:


Later plans are beginning to clarify, as well.

There will be at least one science fiction convention later in March, Midsouthcon in Memphis, TN, and I'd love to do a workshop or two on the way up or back.

It looks as though I'll be traveling to Ottawa in April, though whether it will be the first weekend or the second weekend of the month is still under discussion. Later in the month there is a pirate convention in New Orleans.

In May I have a workshop in Miami, on the 17th. The host there is doing all the organizing, so if you contact me I will pass your information along to her.

I'm hoping to attend Hypericon in Nashville, TN, in June, another good science fiction convention. Workshops along the way, perhaps.

July, August, and September are going to be spent driving out to the northwest and back -- I'll have to work up a schedule for that trip later on.
12-17-07 As more and more students are getting signed up, the schedule is firming up, but there are still some questions as to dates and times. I want to get everyone in, but if there are overlapping commitments, I'll have to shift things to favor the larger workshops and defer the others until later.

Some questions have come in regarding the advanced workshops. These involve variations on the themes already presented in the first two that I've been teaching for several years, now. Doubling and tripling two-dimensional knots is quite different from the method used in three-dimensional ones. (Prolong knot versus Turk's-head.)

Other possibilities involve linking multiple knots into patterns, such as my knotted chain-mail and the very complex tubular Turk's-head chain that I wear all the time, and the use of the Turk's-head as a bezel for setting cabochons.

I misinterpreted one of my student's request for something new, and now that I've got that straightened out, I have two different, new bracelet projects to offer instead of just the one he wanted. I still don't like getting things wrong, but I'm happy to learn from my errors. In fact, generating two different but related projects in quick succession was pretty educational...

The following list contains both confirmed dates and stops and suggested stops. If I get enough folks interested in having me teach in a particular area, I may adjust times forward or back to make things work, in consultation with hosts and students.

January 15-16 -- Littleton, Massachusetts -- Evening sessions.

Possible stops, not all certain as to dates, from January 28 through February 4:

Chattanooga (Need a host)
Little Rock
Houston, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas

These dates are a bit more definite, but still subject to modification if necessary:

February 5-10 -- Tucson (Date range, just one or two days of teaching.)
February 12-15 -- Oceanside, CA (Same, just a range of dates.)
Feburary 16-18 -- Van Nuys, California (Three days of classes.)
February 20-? -- Castro Valley, California (Working on the date.)
February 25-? -- Folsom, California (Still working on the date.)
March 8-9 -- San Antonio, Texas
12-08-07 My plans for the next couple of months are still in a state of flux, but the more I hear back from potential students and potential hosts, the more detailed they'll become.

I'll be heading north in January (yes, it does seem odd) and plan to arrive in Boston on the 14th or 15th, to teach some workshops at the loft of Cloak and Dagger Creations for a couple of evenings. The Arisia science fiction convention will be that weekend, and I will be in the area until the following Monday, January 21.

My next stop is supposed to be Chattanooga, January 25-27, for Chattacon , and I'm hoping to be in the art show there (still waiting for confirmation). At this time I don't have any workshops scheduled there, but I'm open to suggestion, within the limitations of my travel schedule. I could leave as late as mid-week, I think.

Following that convention I will be heading west and south, and I hope to stop in Houston for some workshops there. I have several days open, and the timing of those workshops will be based on my host's needs and the times and distances as I travel between Chattanooga and Tucson, AZ, where I'm committed to attending the gem shows and teaching some workshops between February 4th and 10th.

From Tucson I will be heading for Oceanside, CA, to teach a couple of workshops there -- possible days would be the 12th through 15th.

I'll be teaching in Van Nuys, CA, for three days, February 16-18. Beginners on the 16th, then advanced work on the following two days.

Around this time I will be working with a video magician to produce some DVDs later on, so I'm not clear on just when I'll be leaving the area.

After the Los Angeles area, I'll be going up to Castro Valley for some more workshops there. Last time we had them at Aran's ceramic place, and it was fabulous, so I'm hoping to return there. Dates are still not fixed.

My furthest north and west, for this trip, will be in Sacramento, or rather in Folsom, where I'll have room for a small group. Beginners and advanced students are welcome to sign up for this, but I don't think there's room for more than half a dozen students at my host's house. Again, the dates are not fixed.

On my return, the only sure stop I have is San Antonio, probably the first weekend in March -- we'll have beginning and advanced workshops at Susan's again.

Remember, I'm open to suggestion as to stops and activities, as long as it doesn't affect prior commitments. If I have an extra couple of days after figuring travel time between a pair of stops, there is no minimum number of students for me to stop and teach along my planned route. Detours and delays will be considered only after I've made sure I can meet the rest of my schedule.

Note also, that since I'll be backtracking for most of the western part of the trip, on my way home, any of the workshops can be shifted to my return trip instead of being held on my way out. Hosts, and potential hosts, please consider the following dates and get in touch to let me know what you think.

Boston -- January 14-21
Chattanooga -- January 25-27
Houston -- January 30-?
Tucson -- February 4th 10th
Oceanside -- February 12-15
Van Nuys -- February 16-18
Castro Valley -- February 20?-??
Sacramento -- February 25?-??
San Antonio -- Early March...
11-19-07 Updates, changes, additions:

I've been a bit under the weather for the past two weeks, having picked up a nasty bug. Unfortunately, I had to keep up the pace, so I did my best not to breathe on anyone while teaching and showing along the way. The conventions (Windycon and Philcon) were just as delightful as I had anticipated, and all of my students have been great, as usual, so it's been worth it.

I'm currently in Philadelphia, getting ready for my workshop stops in Raleigh (weekend after Thanksgiving) and Cheraw, SC, on 11-27. Last minute applications are welcome, as it stands right now.

On to future plans:

In December, I will be staying close to home, in Florida, and have a few students coming to see me there. I'll be gathering resources and preparing for my next trip, which will begin in the second week of January. First big stop is in Boston, for two conventions, back to back, and teaching during the week between. I'm hoping for workshop students at the loft of Cloak and Dagger, the costume designers, and at this point I haven't determined which evenings during the week they will take place, but it will be anywhere from Monday through Thursday, inclusive -- that's January 14-17.

Following Arisia (the second convention) I'll be heading for Chattanooga, I think, for Chattacon, another convention and art show, the weekend of January 25-27.

Traveling west from there, I'm hoping to reach Tucson for the gem shows and more workshops in early February, and it looks like I should have time to stop in at least one location in Texas along the way -- Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, all sound good, but if I can't stop at all three, don't forget that I have to return east within a few weeks, and the stops can be staggered to make more opportunities.

From Tucson I'll be continuing on to California, where I'm hoping to conduct workshops in Oceanside, Van Nuys, and Castro Valley, possibly Sacramento (Folsom), before heading east again.

Note that my current plan is to stay in the L.A. area for a few days and shoot some workshop videos to be released on DVDs. There have been numerous requests for this, and I'm being leaned on by a number of folks who've already done similar things, so now maybe I can get some peace...

I've also been getting more and more requests for workshop kits for folks to try to use on their own, and my instructions (through the generous efforts of my students in their critiques and questions) have improved considerably since my first workshop, so I am going to give that a try. It will be all-inclusive with instructions, tools, and materials for whichever project, i.e., a Prolong-knot bracelet, or a Turk's-head ring, or perhaps a combination package. Prices are still up in the air, but that is coming.

I'll be updating the workshop sign-up page and the shows and events page, to reflect my best guess as to when and where I'll be.
10-26-07 Updates, changes, additions:
  • November 3-4 -- Workshops in St. Paul, MN. (bracelets and rings)
  • November 7-8 -- Workshops in Chicago, IL. (bracelets and rings)
  • November 9-11 -- WindyCon in Chicago, IL. Art show and artist's alley
  • November 16-18 -- PhilCon in Philadelphia, PA. Art show
  • November 19-20 -- Workshops in Philadelphia, PA (bracelets and rings) (?)
  • November 23-24 -- Workshops in Raleigh, NC. (bracelets and rings)
  • November 27 -- Workshop in Cheraw, SC (bracelets)
The workshops near Pittsburgh, PA have been deferred. Not sure when I'll get around to teaching in western Pennsylvania, but I'm sure that it will happen at some point. I'll be visiting a friend near Grand Rapids, MI, so the extra time will be put to pleasant use.

My contact for the Philadelphia workshops just before Thanksgiving has not been in touch with me for some time, and I don't know what's going on with that, but if you want to take the workshop, I will find a place for it, before, after, or during Philcon, the science fiction convention that weekend.

I've added a bracelet workshop in Cheraw, SC, at the request of an old friend, whom I look forward to having in my class there.

On to next year:
  • January 11-21 -- Boston, MA -- conventions (art show) and workshops
  • January 25-27 -- Chattanooga, TN -- Chattacon (art show and ?)
  • January 29, February 4 -- Texas, various stops for workshops
  • February 6-10 -- Tucson, AZ -- gem show and workshops
  • February 12-? -- Southern CA, -- workshops, video sessions (upcoming tutorial DVD) and visits.
The dates of workshops have yet to be thoroughly nailed down, and I need to hear from folks who want to host them, as well as those who want to attend them.

New students and returning students are welcome. I've got new materials and updated older projects, and will be glad to do anything from brushing up rusty skills to designing all new pieces in collaboration with advanced students.
10-11-07 Current plans, at least for the next month or so:

November 3-4 -- Workshops in St. Paul, MN.
November 6-7 -- Workshops in Chicago, IL.
November 9-11 -- WindyCon in Chicago, IL. Art show and artist's alley
November 13-14 -- Workshops in Cranberry, PA.
November 16-18 -- PhilCon in Philadelphia, PA. Art show
November 19-20 -- Workshops in Philadelphia, PA
November 23-24 -- Workshops in Raleigh, NC.
November 27 -- Workshop in Cheraw, SC
November 29 - December 2 -- International Guild of Knot Tyers in Orange City, FL

The conventions are fixed, but there might be some flexibility in the workshops, depending on drive-times and how many students are signed up. I need to spend more time if there are more students, for example. At the moment there are still openings in all workshops listed.

If you're signed up for one of the above workshops, please give me a response soon to verify that you've received this message. There may be other emails coming your way, as well, but my organizational skills are sometimes not all that great and I wouldn't want anyone to slip through the cracks.
07-07-07 -- It hasn't been very long since the last email, but I do have some new information, and some more definite dates. I've been accepted for the art show at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, a fairly big deal.

I'm worried that I've been falling behind in my record-keeping, and may have forgotten offers of hosting, or requests for workshop registrations, or maybe something has gone completely out of my awareness and I don't have a clue, other than a general feeling of unease. I'm terribly absent-minded and disorganized, so if you haven't received a specific response from me that you've been expecting, please accept my apologies and feel free to remind me, preferably sooner rather than later.

I'll be on the road again in a few days, just a short trip, a fortnight at most. I'll be stopping in Nashville on Thursday, the 12th, to take it easy and do some visiting, then on to the serious stops:
  • July 14-15 St Louis, MO -- Workshops with the Midwest Metalsmiths, at Maryville University.
  • July 16-20 Kansas City, MO -- Computer nerd convention
  • July 20-22 Tulsa, OK -- Conestoga 11, a science fiction convention (art show)
Home again, for most of August. With only two students signed up for Raleigh, I'm going to have to put that off until either the September trip, or the November trip. Dates will be announced in plenty of time, and there won't be a minimum class size for the stop because I'm already planning to stop and visit relatives there.
  • August 25 Southeast Florida -- Workshop, one day, concentrating on the Prolong-knot bracelet.
  • August 31-September 3, Atlanta, GA -- Dragon*Con science fiction convention (art show)
  • September 4-5 Norcross, GA -- Workshops, bracelets and rings
  • September 8-9 Afton, TN -- Workshops, braclets, rings, and advanced projects
That's as far as my formal planning for September has taken me, but I'm free to wander around until the first week of October, so I'm hoping to teach more workshops. Possibilities include Stafford, VA, Raleigh, NC, Cheraw, SC, but I see no reason not to play tourist all the way to Maine and back. If you're in the northeast or southeast and wish to host or attend a workshop, please let me know. I just have to line them up and put enough travel time between them that I can stay awake for the workshops...

Onward. Just one solid commitment for October:
  • October 5-7 Tampa, FL -- Necronomicon science fiction convention (art show)
Toward the end of October I will be heading north, to the next set of solid commitments:
  • November 3-4 St Paul, MN -- Workshops, bracelets, rings, and advanced projects
  • November 7-8 Chicago, IL -- Workshops, bracelets and rings
  • November 9-11 Chicago, IL -- WindyCon, science fiction convention (art show)
  • November 13-15 Pittsburgh, PA -- Workshops, bracelets and rings
  • November 16-18 Philadelphia, PA -- PhilCon, science fiction convention (art show)
  • November 19-20 Philadelphia, PA -- Workshops, bracelets and rings
No commitments for the rest of 2007, but I'm open to suggestion. I'm already considering my options for next year, and I've decided to try really hard to get to Tucson for the gem shows again, in early February. That opens the opportunity for travel the rest of the way west, so I can renew my acquaintance with southern California, and probably up to San Francisco before turning east again. I'll be returning to the northwest several months later, in July or August, but there's plenty of time to plan that.
06-28-07 -- I'm making progress in planning out my schedule for later in the year, but first I want to mention what is coming up in the next few weeks. I'll be going to a couple of conventions, in Kansas City (http://www.kfest.org/) and Tulsa (http://www.sftulsa.org/conestoga/), which overlap a bit. I'm in the art show in the convention in Tulsa, so I'm really looking forward to that.

The weekend before KFest, though, I may possibly be teaching in St Louis, under the auspices of The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths (http://www.midwest-metalsmiths.org/), on July 14-15. Their contact email is: midwest.metalsmiths@gmail.com

I've had several requests for workshops in southern Louisiana, and if a host were to step forward and enough other students were to express interest, I could certainly stop in during my trip home from Tulsa, anytime after July 24th

Okay, on to the longer range plans. I'm still contemplating going to Raleigh for Trinoc coN, a science fiction convention to be held in early August, (http://www.trinoc-con.org/) if I have enough students signed up for a workshop to be held around that time, and I already have a host, so I can be very flexible as to dates and times.

August 25th, I'll be holding a bracelet workshop in SE Florida, being organized by the host. You can contact me, and I'll forward your information to her.

The following weekend, August 31 through September 3rd, I'll be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. I've got a host for workshops on the 4th and 5th in Norcross, just north of there.

The weekend after that I will be in Afton, TN, for workshops at Jane's Fiber and Beads, where I stopped in January of this year. Great place, lovely people, and I'm very much looking forward to being there. (http://www.janesfiberandbeads.com/)

I have some plans for further north and east of there -- Stafford, VA is one possibility, but I'm also interested in going up through New England while the weather is good, for once, and I'm looking for hosts and students for workshops anywhere along the way. I have time to go all the way to northern Maine, since my next scheduled science fiction convention is Necronomicon, in Tampa, October 5-7. (http://stonehill.org/necro.htm)

Later in October I'll be starting north again, heading for St. Paul, MN (workshops), followed by Chicago, IL (workshops and convention) Pittsburgh, PA (workshops) and Philadelphia, PA (workshops and convention). I'm looking for workshops between Florida and Minnesota, in mid to late October, and more workshops on the way back to Florida from Pennsylvania.

That's probably more than enough details for now. Here's a straight list, with reasonably close dates:
  • July 14-15 St Louis, MO
  • July 16-20 Kansas City, MO
  • July 20-22 Tulsa, OK
  • August 3-5 Raleigh, NC (tentative)
  • August 25 Southeast Florida
  • August 31-September 3, Atlanta, GA
  • September 4-5 Norcross, GA
  • September 8-9 Afton, TN
  • September 11... October 3 points north...
  • October 5-7 Tampa, FL
  • November 3-4 St Paul, MN
  • November 7-11 Chicago, IL
  • November 13-15 Pittsburgh, PA
  • November 16-19 Philadelphia, PA
06-19-07 -- Looking for potential workshop hosts and students

While my plans for later in the year seem to be going pretty well, I've had some problems setting up workshops for the summer, due to scheduling conflicts and funding issues. My current plans include traveling from Florida to Kansas City, Missouri, by way of St. Louis, arriving by the weekend of July 14th, and thence to Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the following weekend. It would be great if I could find a host for workshops in Kansas City, any day from Saturday through Monday the 16th, and I'd also be happy to conduct workshops anywhere from Tulsa on back to Florida.

No lower limit on class size as long as it's fairly close to a reasonable driving route for me, and as long as there is time enough before I have to be somewhere else. I can leave earlier, and arrive home later, up to a point, to accommodate more stops, but I need to plan them fairly soon, and make sure I have enough materials with me.

Sign up page: http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html

Hosting details: http://www.golden-knots.com/hosting.html

Workshop details: http://www.golden-knots.com/workshop.html

Please check my sign-up page -- I'll be updating it for additional stops, but I've added an entry for just getting onto the list, with a general location, to be fine-tuned later. If you want to take a workshop but can't host, perhaps you know someone who can. I don't need fancy equipment, just students and space.
06-11-07 -- Well, it turns out I'm not going to be able to make it to California for July celebrations after all, but I'll certainly return to the western states at some point within the next year.

Current plans that are on track include Hypericon, a science fiction convention in Nashville, TN, this coming weekend (June 15-17), then home again. I'm still intending to take my previously scheduled trip to Kansas City for the computer convention and to Tulsa for Conestoga 11, another science fiction convention. They will take up the week of July 16-22, and I'm hoping to arrange workshops before and after, on the way from (or to) Florida. I'm waiting for word back from one host in Kansas City, but I'd be happy to hear from anyone else in the area. Since I haven't got fixed plans for the week before or the week after, I could make detours if they're reasonable. (Texas? Missouri? Any of the southeastern states, between Florida and Kansas...)

I'm trying to make my mind up about Trinoc coN in Raleigh, NC, in early August -- it's not close enough to the Kansas trip to be rolled into it, or to the one later in August, to Atlanta, so it would be stand-alone. If I had a workshop there, or between here and there, it would be possible. There could be a workshop in southeast Florida in early August, too, I'm still waiting to hear back about that.

Dragon*Con in Atlanta is still on track, and with a month between that and Necronomicon in Tampa, I'm still very interested in making a trip north during that interval. I've got a workshop in planning in Virginia, and would be glad to hear from anyone in the northeast who would like to see me in their area. If you can host a workshop, or know someone who might be persuaded to do so, get in touch and we'll work something out.

Late October through November are still looking good for a trip to Minnesota, then east through Wisconsin, Illinois (WindyCon in Chicago Nov 9-11), Michigan, and so on, to Philadelphia for, another science fiction convention (PhilCon Nov 16-18). I haven't planned past that for the trip, but of course I have to make it home to Florida again from there.

Next year's plans are forming now, with various conventions and shows, mentioned in previous messages. One of the longer-range plans is a trip to WorldCon in Denver, next August, and I'd like to combine that with another workshop tour to the northwest, if at all possible.

As I get dates and commitments, I'll try to keep the information up to date on the following pages:

http://www.golden-knots.com/shows.html http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html

Please let me know if anything there doesn't make sense, or if you think I should add something in your neck of the woods. Almost any excuse to travel and teach will suit me, now that I've found out how much fun it is.
05-31-07 Plans for June and July are still very fluid. I haven't had enough students sign up to pay for my trip out to California in early July, so I'm putting that on hold. Those who did sign up, I've added to my list, and they'll be first in line when I make my next trip to the area. (I'm hoping that a lot of new folks will decide to sign up and make the trip possible anyway, though.)

I will be attending a small convention in Kansas City, the third week of July, and Conestoga 11 (July 20-22) a science fiction convention in Tulsa, OK, the following weekend. If, as I suspect, the California trip is deferred, I might have time to do workshops in Kansas City on the 14th and 15th. After the convention in Tulsa, I'll have time to do more workshops on my way home to Florida. There may very well be a workshop in southeast Florida, more on that as I hear back from my host down there.

The next definite planned trip is Dragon*Con, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. I should be in the art show, and will be looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends and making new ones, there.

It's possible that I could include a trip north afterward, to do some workshops and perhaps a Renaissance Festival in Michigan. I have to be back home in time to attend Necronomicon (October 5-7) in Tampa, but that is more than enough time to go all the way to Maine and back -- maybe I'll be a leaf-peeper this year..

In October I will be heading up toward the midwest again, to do workshops in St Paul, MN, maybe Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, and points east. I'll be attending WindyCon (Nov 9-11 in Chicago), and then will go to Philadelphia, PA, to attend PhilCon (Nov 16-18) there.

I don't know what I'll be doing in December, but January usually means Arisia, (January 18-21) in Boston. I also want to attend the Tucson gem shows, since I've missed them the last couple of years, so that will be a pretty long trip, since they'll be in early February.

I've had some website problems, and changed hosts three times in the space of one week. You should still be able to see my schedule and sign up for, or suggest, workshops from these pages:


If you see a problem, please let me know so I can fix it. If you don't want to receive these occasional updates, definitely let me know, since I don't want to bother anyone.
05-19-07 I've had a number of inquiries about additional workshops along the same route I just returned from this last week, and since I'm planning a road trip to Kansas City in late July, it makes some sense (maybe not much) to go there by way of southern California... So, there are a couple of tentative dates and locations, and some definite dates and locations, to work with.

I'm sorry there isn't as much notice this time, but I'll try to get all the plans worked out sufficiently in advance that there won't be too many surprises.

The first fixed dates are July 6-8 in Los Angeles (San Pedro, actually) for the International Guild of Knot Tyers 10th anniversary of founding. I've got time for workshops just before that, either before, during, or just after the July 4th celebrations, and will be in Oceanside, CA for those. Right after the IGKT meeting I can do a couple of days of workshops in Van Nuys, that would be on the 9th and 10th, then I will be going to Castro Valley to conduct more workshops while shooting video for a DVD. I'm not sure how the latter will come out, but everyone's been after me to do one, and Spider (of Spiderchain Jewelry) has convinced me to give it a try.

The next immutable date is July 17th, in Kansas City, for KFest (Apple II computers). Not a lot of time to go that far, so there won't be any workshops between SoCal and Kansas, but once I'm there I can relax for a couple of days before going south to Tulsa for Conestoga 11, a science fiction convention that will be new for me. I'll be able to start home again on July 23rd, and if there are locations between Oklahoma and Florida where I should stop for more workshops, I'd be happy to pencil them in.

There may be a workshop in SE Florida in either late July or early August.

Returning students have several options, to either repeat the workshops as I normally teach them, or to take on advanced work such as bezels, large Turk's-head bracelets, knotted chain, or complex knots of other sorts. I have found that small groups, seven or fewer, can manage both the bracelet and ring workshops in a single day, so a two-day stay could allow first time students access to the more advanced work while the basics are still fresh in their minds. When the opportunity of a three day stay presents itself, of course, larger groups would work out, but never more than twelve, please, so I can continue to give the individual attention that each student deserves.

As always, I'll attempt to keep my site up to date on what I've been doing and what I'm planning to do.
03-14-07 Some of the workshops still have spaces, but they're going fast. It's going to be hard to fit any more stops in between places, except toward the end -- I've got a week between Oregon and Colorado, and another week between Colorado and Florida, so I might end up stopping a few more places in those intervals. One notable change: the master class at the Dallas Craft Guild has been canceled. That was the three day session to be held March 30 - April 1. I've got some special gear that was supposed to be reserved for their third day, advanced projects for experienced students, and I'll be able to make them available to interested students in the other workshops. Things work out...
  • March 21-22 -- Workshops in Campbell, MO
  • March 23-25 -- MidSouthCon Science Fiction convention
  • March 26-27 -- Workshops in Little Rock, AR.
  • March 28-29 -- Workshops in DFW. (Denton, TX)
  • March 30 - April 1 -- Craft Guild workshops in DFW. <== Canceled
  • April 2-3 -- Workshops in San Antonio, TX. (full)
  • April 6-7 -- Workshops in Tucson, AZ.
  • April 10 -- IGKT-PAB meeting in SoCal
  • April 11-15 -- Workshops in Van Nuys
  • April 16-17 -- Workshops in Castro Valley, CA. (full)
  • April 18-19 -- Workshops in Folsom, CA. (Probably finish on the 18th)
  • April 21-22 -- Workshops in Woodinville, WA.
  • April 24-25 -- Workshops on Lopez Island, WA.
  • April 28-29 -- Workshops in Sisters (or Bend) OR. (tentative)
  • May 5-6 -- Workshops in Denver, CO.
  • May 12-13 -- Workshops in Pensacola, FL.
I think I'll probably be pretty happy to make it home in mid-May...

I'll be at the OASIS convention at the end of May, in Orlando, where I'm on the guest list. I don't know what all I'll be doing there, other than the art show, but no doubt it will involve tying knots in something...

I've got a workshop scheduled in southeast Florida (Miami?) after OASIS, some weekend in early June. Details yet to be worked out.

In late June I will probably be heading west again, but on a shorter timetable. There's a meeting of knot tyers that I want to attend, and my usual visit to Kansas City in July, and another science fiction convention at close to the same time, so I might end up spending another month on the road. I'll be looking for workshop schedule suggestions for that trip, of course. Figure that I'll go west to Los Angeles, then come back east again to get to Kansas, then home again -- short side-trips to stop and teach would be great. August and September should involve some conventions and workshops -- more details coming up, but that's a long time from now.

Registration page, as always: http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html
  • March 21-22 -- Workshops in Campbell, MO
  • March 23-25 -- MidSouthCon Science Fiction convention
  • March 26-27 -- Workshops in Little Rock, AR.
  • March 28-29 -- Workshops in DFW.
  • March 30 - April 1 -- Craft Guild workshops in DFW. {register with Craft Guild]
  • April 2-3 -- Workshops in San Antonio, TX. [full]
  • April 6-7 -- Workshops in Tucson, AZ.
  • April 10 -- International Guild of Knot Tyers meeting in SoCal
  • April 11-15 -- Workshops in Van Nuys
  • April 16-17 -- Workshops in Castro Valley, CA.
  • April 18-19 -- Workshops in Folsom, CA.
  • April 21-22 -- Workshops in Woodinville, WA.
  • April 24-25 -- Workshops on Lopez Island, WA.
  • May 5-6 -- Workshops in Denver, CO.
  • May 12-13 -- Workshops in Pensacola, FL.
There are openings for students in all classes except where indicated. I still have some time for more workshops in a few of the gaps, most particularly in the interval between the Lopez Island, WA workshops and the ones in Denver, CO, and during the trip back from Colorado to Florida.

Registration page, as always: http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html

For those who have inquired about the status of wedding ring orders while I'm on the road, I can tell you that I'll be making lots of rings along the way, and it won't be any problem at all to fill your orders! Heck, why not sign up for the ring workshop and you can make your own wedding rings, right there.

Speaking of which, I'm seriously considering offering that as a option for couples, to plan and create each others' rings out of 18K gold during a small workshop session -- just the thing for a truly significant ring to place on your dear one's finger. Special arrangements to be made in advance, in order to allow me to stock up on the more valuable materials required. I welcome questions, suggestions, cries of "You've gotta be out of your mind!", or anything else that occurs to you on this subject, because I'm still trying to make my mind up.
This is the first update of 2007. I hope everyone is getting off to a good start in the new year.

This weekend I'll be conducting workshops in Afton, TN. The location will be "Jane's Fiber and Beads", http://www.janesfiberandbeads.com/ and the workshops will begin at 10:00 AM, both days.

Next stop, Philadelphia, and then Boston by the afternoon of the 11th, at latest, for the workshops in Littleton, MA on the 11th and the 15th, both of which will start at 5:00 PM, at "Cloak & Dagger Creations", http://cloakmaker.com/directions.html

Between those two workshop sessions I will be enjoying the Arisia science fiction convention, downtown in Boston.

A small group will be taking workshops in Frederick, MD. It would be nice if it were larger, so please see my signup page and register for that one. It will be on the 17th and 18th.

The weekend of the 20th and 21st will be spent in Surfside Beach, SC. Another small group, and I'd like to see more there, as well.

February will be an at-home month, catching up with orders and preparing for the major tour in March, April, and May.

* March 21-22 -- Workshops in Campbell, MO
* March 23-25 -- MidSouthCon Science Fiction convention
* March 26-27 -- Workshops in Little Rock, AR.
* March 28-29 -- Pepper's workshops in DFW.
* March 30 - April 1 -- Jeannie's workshops in DFW.
* April 5-6 -- Brian's workshops in Tucson, AZ.
* April 7-8 -- Judy's workshops in Yuma, AZ.
* April 10 -- IGKT-PAB meeting in SoCal <== they're expecting me, got to be there!
* April 11-15 -- Patti's workshops in Van Nuys
* April 16-17 -- Spider's workshops in Castro Valley, CA.
* April 18-19 -- Possible workshops in Sacramento, CA. <== this is almost a sure thing, now.
* April 21-22 -- Melissa's workshops in Woodinville, WA.
* April 24-25 -- Janet's workshops on Lopez Island, WA.
* May ??-?? --Workshops in Denver, CO. <== Still working details.
* May ??-?? --Workshops in Ottawa. <== planning stages
* May 25-27 --Oasis convention in Orlando, FL -- art show, etc.
* July 17-22 --KansasFest in Kansas City, MO, which may conflict with:
* July 20-22 --Conestoga convention in Tulsa, OK -- art show, etc.

There are some plans for the fall, but,, generally speaking, all the science fiction conventions I've been to before, plus more of them as I can discover their dates and locations and arrange workshops to pay for the trips to and from them. I'm planning to add WindyCon in Chicago, in early November, a week before PhilCon in Philadelphia; and, in order to pay for WindyCon, I'll be in St. Paul, MN, the first weekend in that month, teaching workshops in the same location as a couple of years ago.
Note that while my email remains the same, I am using a new client and new hosting, so until I've managed to get used to it, I'm not sure how things will go. I still reliably get my registrations from the website:


...and comments and requests sent by the various other pages there will work.

January's looking good, with the workshop in Afton, TN, on January 6th and 7th. The location will be "Jane's Fiber and Beads", http://www.janesfiberandbeads.com/ and the workshops will begin at 10:00 AM, both days. Still some openings for new students there.

I'll be going up to Boston by way of Philadelphia, and should be there (Boston area) by the afternoon of the 11th, at latest, for the workshops in Littleton, MA. I've had one cancellation, so there is still room for one more in the set of workshops there, the 11th and the 15th, both of which will start at 5:00 PM, at "Cloak & Dagger Creations", http://cloakmaker.com/directions.html

Between those two workshop sessions I will be enjoying the Arisia science fiction convention, downtown in Boston.

There were some hints that more workshops might be set up after that in Boston, but I haven't heard any more. In any case, I will be heading south again in time to reach Surfside Beach, SC, for workshops there the following weekend, the 20th and 21st, before heading on home again to Florida.

February will be an at-home month, catching up with orders and preparing for the major tour in March, April, and May.

* March 21-22 -- Workshops in Campbell, MO
* March 23-25 -- MidSouthCon Science Fiction convention <== firm
* March 26-27 -- Workshops in Little Rock, AR.
* March 28-29 -- Pepper's workshops in DFW.
* March 30 - April 1 -- Jeannie's workshops in DFW.
* April 5-6 -- Brian's workshops in Tucson, AZ.
* April 7-8 -- Judy's workshops in Yuma, AZ.
* April 10 -- IGKT-PAB meeting in SoCal <== firm
* April 11-15 -- Patti's workshops in Van Nuys
* April 16-17 -- Spider's workshops in Castro Valley, CA.
* April 18-19 -- Possible workshops in Sacramento, CA. <=== Need host!
* April 21-22 -- Melissa's workshops in Woodinville, WA.
* April 24-25 -- Janet's workshops on Lopez Island, WA.
* May ??-?? --Workshops in Denver, CO.

Note the addition of Campbell, MO, just before MidSouthCon in Memphis, and the tentative one in Denver, CO, on my way back from Seattle. I'm hoping that by then the winter weather will be abating somewhat, and I can manage to travel away from the coast -- we'll see.

There are requests for workshops in a few more places. Chicago has come up, and I might do another midwest tour, adding that to my trip to Kansas City and so on, in July. I had considered coming back that way, from the spring trip, but it's already pretty long, and I expect that I'll be pretty eager to be back in Florida again. There will be more trips, though, definitely.. There's a science fiction convention in Chicago, in the fall, and I've been asked to come up there for it, so I'll be there sooner or later.

Let me hear from you if you have requests, suggestions, criticisms, etc.
December will be a quiet month, just a few workshops. I'm thinking of going to Miami for the last week of the month, but those plans are nebulous, at best.

January promises a great deal more excitement. The first weekend, the 6th and 7th, have been set aside for a pair of workshops in Afton, TN, my first stop on my way to Boston for the Arisia SF convention there.

It will be on E Andrew Johnson Hwy, and I'll provide specific directions to those who sign up with me, or you could call them: 423-639-7919. Here's their website: http://www.janesfiberandbeads.com

(Remember, sign up here: http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html)

I'll be heading on up through Philadelphia and get to the Boston area by the 10th, or at latest the middle of the 11th, to conduct the first of two workshops there, and will be staying after the convention to do the second one on the 15th. Both workshops will be in the evening, at the loft of Cloak & Dagger, in Littleton, MA, and the directions are here:


That class is fully subscribed, at the moment, and there is a possibility that I will be staying on an extra day or two if another host and more students rise to the occasion.

I'll be heading south again, after that, and intend to reach Surfside Beach, SC, for workshops on Saturday and Sunday, the 20th and 21st, at Moonstone Beads. Here is their website:


Okay, that's January... February will be quieter, because I'm going to be busy making more materials for the big trip in March, April, and May, all the way out to the northwest and back. I've gone into some detail before, and will again, but right now I just want to make sure that the immediately upcoming schedule is clear. You can look up the specifics of all of my planned stops here:


And, you can check to see how many openings are available for each class if you scroll down on the sign-up page, linked earlier in this message.

Remember, the signup form doesn't lock you in, it just tells me you're interested -- confirmation takes a couple of steps, particularly including my ability to contact you... so please spell your email address correctly!

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