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Below you will find the standard listings and prices (through PayPal) for all the items associated with my workshops. The standard items for the basic workshops are included in the workshops themselves, but are also available separately for anyone who is unable to make it to a workshop. Other projects are available that build on the skills acquired in the basic three projects. Workshop attendees may purchase the DVD at a discount from the listed prices here, and will get a discount on tools at the workshop sessions. Please email me for details.

Shipping and handling added as needed. International orders (excepting Canada) please add the extra shipping before you check out.
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space holder
DVD -- Contains full video of the three basic projects.
Tools and fixtures shown in the videos are NOT included, and must be purchased, or, if you're handy, made by you.
DVD (plus international shipping) $40
Basic Project Kits (No DVD included unless otherwise specified) (What's a "kit"?)
Knotted Chain-Mail $30
Prolong Knot Bracelet $40
Turk's Head Ring (9-bight) $50
Deluxe Kit (All Three Basic Projects) $100
Deluxe Kit + DVD $140
Wire-twisting Rig $30
Tapered Wooden Mandrel Set
(A billiard cue cut into sections, to stretch and shape a ring.)
Ring Stretcher (Useful, not required) $35
Additional fixtures (prior kit purchase required --
these do not include detailed instructions or tools)
  (Descriptions below)
Turk's Head Ring fixture (7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, 11-, or 12-bight)
(* The 9-bight is included in the kit)
(** Can't use a 10-bight to make a 5-lead ring)
Turk's Head Bracelet (29-bight) 20
Small Prolong Knot Bracelet $15
Five-lead Sinnet Bracelet $15
Seven-lead Sinnet Bracelet $25
"When Knots Collide" Bracelet $25
Celtic Butterfly $25
Celtic 5x7 Turk's-head Mat $25
5x9 Turk's-head Mat $20
Celtic Dragonfly (Large) $25
Celtic Dragonfly (Small) $25
Large Decorative Comb $25
Small Decorative Comb $20
Celtic Triangle $15
Celtic Pentangle $20
Celtic Heptangle $25
Bracelet tying kits

Contains several (probably three) different patterns, a cylindrical form, pegs, and enough string to create at least one cotton bracelet. (Quantities multiplied by the number of ordered kits.)
Select option
24-Bight Bag Kit, pre-assembled, and ready to use.$25
About the DVD: This is a two-disk set, with four sections. One of them shows and discusses various tools that I use (some of the ones on this page), and the other three demonstrate knotted chain-mail, the Prolong knot bracelet, and the Turk's-head ring. There is a great deal of detail, with a lot of very close-up imagery, making it very clear what is being done, and in what sequence.

One question that I've gotten from recipients of the disks is "what size wire do I use? The video doesn't say..." The answer is "It depends." Once you are able to complete the projects successfully, you can try any size wire you like, but I usually start my students out with 18g wire for the bracelet and knotted chain-mail, and 20g wire for the Turk's-head rings.

To get a good idea of how long the wire should be, run a string through the pattern and measure that. Don't hesitate to cut the wire a bit longer than you think will be needed -- too short is far worse than too long.
About Kits: Each kit will consist of a specialized fixture that I have created for the purpose of tying a particular knot, and the bare minumum of tools required for its use in that task, along with printed instructions. Some of those tools are off-the-shelf items, available everywhere, but I provide them in the kit to make sure you're ready to go as soon as it shows up. The silver wire that I use in my in-person workshops will not be included, but there will be some copper wire to practice with.

I generally include only one hemostat per order, by the way, so if you order the Deluxe Kit, you will use the same one for all three projects.
The Wooden Ring Mandrels are made from sections of billiard cues. If you have an old pool cue around that you don't care about, save yourself fifteen bucks and don't order this. You can probably find a damaged one at a local game parlor for little or no cost.

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