Hand-crafted Knot Jewelry:
Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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Most of my real business is in creating custom jewelry, particularly wedding rings, individual rings, matched sets, etc. In addition, I make settings for customer-supplied stones.

In many cases, the process involves a few false starts, because even though my calculations are very helpful in getting a Turk's-head of the correct pattern in the right dimensions, the process is so sensitive to initial conditions that the first attempt is often just a little large or a little small. It doesn't matter how beautiful a ring is, if it's the wrong size... so I make a test ring, in silver.

What do I do with the prototypes? If I used brass or copper, they would be interesting, certainly, but since I usually use pure silver, each one is also beautiful and valuable in its own right. This applies to demonstrations and other experiments, as well.

Below, a few items are made available for immediate sale. The prices are lower than my custom-order prices because they are offered "as is", without any further stress on my part.
space holder
space holder
Siler Ring $130
Silver Ear-Rings $175
Silver Butterfly $50
If I don't have the size ring you need in stock, or if I run out of earrings, I will refund your payment right away, and remove the listing from the website at the same time to prevent further disappointments. Note that the pictures are examples, and the shipped item may differ in appearance.

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