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Decorative Marlingspike Seamanship rendered in precious metal.
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The Knotted Chain-mail (KCM) kit consists of a fixture and several small tools, printed instructions, and a few feet of scrap copper wire to practice with. The fixture has three sizes of the same pattern, to allow the creation of three sizes of Celtic Oval knots (also known as Carrick Mats, or 3L-4B Turk's-head mats) providing flexibility in generating an almost infinite variety of interesting and unusual jewelry pieces, as shown below.

The fixture has the pattern printed on it, aligned with pegs to guide the wire into place. The kit also contains a modified steel needle, used to open the path while weaving, and a couple of commonly available but surprisingly useful tools, chopsticks and a small hemostat.
mixed sizes of Celtic oval
necklace with mixed Celtic Ovals

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